Tailings Management

Canadian Natural’s tailings management programs aim to reduce the size required for tailings ponds and expedite their reclamation certification. Our comprehensive land use planning considers the end of mine life so that we can manage our environmental closure programs and obligations, and advance reclamation as efficiently as possible.

Canadian Natural’s tailings management strategies focus on the objectives of dam integrity, environmental performance, and reclamation. We align with regulatory requirements based on two key principles:

1. Creating natural features on the land that are integrated within the local landscape; and

2. Supporting productive wetlands and boreal forest ecosystems.

The continuous improvement of tailings management is an integral component of successful oil sands mining operations. Progressive annual reclamation activities are completed under some of the strictest reclamation standards in the world, including requirements for the decommissioning and closure of tailings facilities to ensure the stability and safety of the land. Reducing the size and need for tailings ponds, and increasing the speed at which very fine particles settle, is important to our commitment to reclaim our tailings facilities as safely and quickly as possible.

How the South Expansion Area (SEA) near our Albian operations has changed over time through
reclamation activity.