Our People, Our Stories

Corporate Responsibility

Our People, Our Stories

At Canadian Natural, we know that people are the foundation of our business and that working together as a community, both within our operations and with stakeholders, is key to doing it right and growing a world-class Company.

Our stories demonstrate the strong culture among Canadian Natural employees. From working together to building better communities and successful business partnerships to enhancing safety, advancing environmental initiatives and research and development projects, our goal is to create shared value by living our mission statement. Our mission statement is embedded into our strategies and demonstrated in every aspect of our business.

Living our Mission Statement

Canadian Natural's Mission Statement:



"To develop people to work together to create value for the
Company's shareholders by doing it right with fun and integrity."


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Developing People

At Canadian Natural we are committed to developing people. We offer internal training and skills development opportunities. Our scholarship programs and our investments in educational and employment initiatives support the continued development of local workforces near our operations.

Working Together

Central to Canadian Natural’s operating philosophy is the belief that by working together we can create more value. With our stakeholders, we create shared value through the joint pursuit of opportunities that generate economic value and mutual benefit. We work with local and regional businesses to identify and facilitate economic opportunities, building local capacity and partnerships.

Creating Value

We also create value through investments in research and development, and advancing technology implementation. These advancements in innovation help us deliver energy needed by the world in a safe, effective, efficient, and environmentally responsible way.

Doing it Right

At Canadian Natural, we embrace a key piece of our mission statement by ‘doing it right’. The foundation of our Company was built on this philosophy. It is conveyed through all aspects of our operations, and it is the basis of our safety management systems, as well as our environmental practices.

With Fun and Integrity

We pride ourselves in having employees that care about the impact of their work within and outside of the Company. Our employees and contractors are committed to helping the communities in which they live through different initiatives and Canadian Natural encourages them to do so.