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Health and Safety

Safety is a Core Value

Safety is a core value at Canadian Natural, and it underlies all our operational activities to reach our ultimate goal of ‘No harm to people and No safety incidents’. Our Safety Management System (SMS) protects the health and safety of employees, contractors, the public and the environment.

We foster a frontline-driven safety culture where everyone contributes to making the workplace safer. Personalizing safety allows individuals to make positive, respectful interventions that ensure mitigation is in place for any identified risks that might affect themselves or others in the workplace. Every day, our field supervisors reinforce this safety culture throughout their specific areas and divisions. We promote a field presence for our frontline supervisors with a goal of an 80/20 balance (80% of the time in the field). We believe that increased time in our field areas develops and directly reinforces a safety culture.

Delivering Safety Excellence

Our commitment to safety contributed to making 2018 Canadian Natural’s strongest year for safety performance. We achieved the lowest corporate Total Recordable Injury Frequency (TRIF) in Company history. Highlights of our 2018 safety performance results are available in our 2018 Stewardship Report to Stakeholders.

Our Safety Excellence program promotes participation and safety leadership at all levels, starting with management and including every employee, contractor and service provider, to ensure company-wide alignment. To incorporate the experiences and expertise of all, employees and contractors are encouraged to provide feedback. This enhances safety performance and management systems across our operations by reinforcing continuous improvement. Our Safety, Projects and Operations teams identify opportunities for improvement, develop action plans and set key indicators to measure our performance.

Safety Excellence initiatives

  • Safety Excellence Meetings. Senior management actively participates and promotes our safety culture by leading safety meetings with all field operations staff, supervisors, and contractors across Canadian Natural’s operations. These sessions reinforce our focus on continuous improvement.
  • Contractor Safety Excellence Meetings. Management from contractors and Canadian Natural work together with a focus on incident performance, to identify issues and establish measurable action items to improve worker safety. Through this collaborative effort, contractor safety performance has improved on a year-over-year basis, which in turn, strengthens our overall performance in reducing corporate TRIF. For more information on contractor safety initiatives, click here.
  • Worksite Safety Observations (WSOs). This hazard assessment program focuses on improving worksite behaviours through observation of staff, contractors and service providers, their equipment, processes and procedures. The WSO processes occur at our operations on a daily basis. WSOs have played a significant role ensuring safety at our worksites, by reducing injuries and improving performance across our operations.
  • Supervisor training.To support the WSO program, improve the ability of staff to have quality safety conversations and enhance their coaching skills, our safety teams provide supervisor training. Coaching sessions reinforce frontline accountability and leadership skills, preparing supervisors for taking a more active role so they can, in turn, support all workers on site to conduct effective assessments, identifying and removing behaviours that contribute to injuries. This training strengthens the application of our SMS and the integration of the Safety team in daily operating activities.

Continuous improvement in Safety Management

We work to continuously strengthen our SMS and enhance our safety culture. We implement new learnings and feedback from frontline personnel as well as develop new programming to ensure compliance with new regulations and key performance indicators (KPIs). Our frontline-driven management system, strong support from senior management and a high degree of collaboration with contractors to continually meet health and safety goals, are improving workplace safety.

Our Safety teams work with employees and contractors to identify hazards and develop safe work procedures. Safety awareness and communications are crucial in maintaining our strong safety culture. Field employee and management training are part of our strategy to increase safety awareness and minimize risks and injuries.

In addition to our Safety Excellence initiatives, our processes promote dialogue and ensure people’s safety through:

  • Incidents, hazard and near-miss investigation, management and reporting, including follow-up actions as part of our proactive lessons learned approach. For example, we have guidelines identifying incident investigation requirements and sharing of lessons learned company-wide, and incident investigation procedures for each division that comply with the corporate guidelines. Actions identified in the investigation process are tracked to completion and lessons learned are communicated within the division and across the organization via safety bulletins, which are reviewed at safety meetings.
  • Procedures to secure site access through site security with access badges relating to specific jobs.
  • Regular toolbox talks and safety stand-down sessions.
  • Safety groups that monitor and receive feedback on health and safety programs. In our North America Exploration and Production operations, these groups address operational specific issues that arise from our regular safety meetings. We also have formal joint management/worker health and safety committees in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan, Canada, and in the United Kingdom.

Read more about our safety programs in our 2018 Stewardship Report to Stakeholders.