Working with Stakeholders

We value the relationships we have built with the communities where we do business. We work co-operatively with communities, government agencies and interested stakeholders to reduce potential impacts of our operations. Understanding community priorities also helps us identify opportunities for their participation in the economic benefits of our operations.

Aboriginal Communitites

Our teams work with Aboriginal groups on a continual basis to build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships. Through understanding, respect and cooperation we strive to maintain strong relationships and enhance the opportunities for participation in our oil and natural gas developments.  

Flow to Surface Stakeholder Communication

Canadian Natural initiated stakeholder communications immediately following discovery of the flow to surface incidents. As the incident sites are on the Cold Lake Air Weapons Range and are subject to government regulation and oversight, our initial communication was with the Cold Lake Air Weapons Base Command and with provincial and federal regulatory agencies. The areas affected by the incident are also within the Traditional Land Use area of the Cold Lake First Nation. As we gained an understanding of the incident, we provided information to the Cold Lake First Nation through their council, and sought their involvement in clean-up operations. We also provided information to regional municipal authorities and many others such as local, provincial, and federal elected officials to ensure that they understood the incident and our response.

In response to general public interest in the incident and plans moving forward, in cooperation with regulators, we release information to the public and respond to media and responded to requests.

To ensure that concerned stakeholders are provided with timely and comprehensive information, Canadian Natural proactively updates affected groups and communities and continues to respond to community interest with appropriate events and communications.

We are committed to providing full and timely information to all affected stakeholders and interested public. This website is the most comprehensive source of information on the Primrose flow to surface response and plans moving forward.