Sensitive Landscapes: Preserving Ecological Integrity

The Great Sand Hills, located in southwestern Saskatchewan, covers an area of 1,900 square kilometres of desert-like sand dunes as well as intact native grassland. Canadian Natural is one of the largest oil and natural gas producers in the area, and we work closely with stakeholders and regulatory bodies to conserve the characteristics and unique features of this region. An environmental management program ensures the integrity of this area, setting out guidelines for development on environmentally-sensitive land, including the use of minimal disturbance techniques, quantitative vegetation surveys, weed control, wildlife management and monitoring. 

Canadian Natural also operates in the Manitou Sand Hills in Saskatchewan, a smaller region than the Great Sands Hills, but with similar ecological values. We are part of the advisory committee with stakeholders, industry, local rural municipalities and Crown land lessees, Saskatchewan’s Ministries of Agriculture and Environment and Tourism Saskatchewan, and meet annually to preserve land in its natural state and discuss land use plan, including development guidelines, ecological standards, biodiversity areas and access to the public. 

Canadian Natural’s well pad in the Great Sand Hills.