Reducing Emissions from Pneumatics

Canadian Natural is focused on operational practices and innovative technologies to reduce methane emissions.

Pneumatic devices use pressurized natural gas to function, some of which release low volumes of natural gas as part of their normal operation. In our conventional operations, we have completed over 8,000 pneumatic retrofits and removals since 2018, resulting in a cumulative CO2e reduction of approximately 815,000 tonnes/year.

Of these projects, approximately 1,250 retrofits/removals equivalent to 122,000 t CO2e/year were completed in 2022. In 2022, Canadian Natural replaced approximately 710 pneumatic injection pumps, as part of a multi-year project to convert up to 3,800 pumps in our Alberta and British Columbia conventional areas to solar configurations. This project will help us reduce methane emissions by up to an additional 361,000 t CO2e/year.