Partnering in Conservation

In 2021, Canadian Natural established a Conservation Agreement with Environment and Climate Change Canada to conserve habitat for three federally listed bird Species-at-Risk: Common Nighthawk, Olive-sided Flycatcher and Canada Warbler. The agreement designates 11,182 hectares (~112 km2 ) in and around the Ells River Watershed next to our Horizon South operations as a protected area.

Called the Ells River Interim Replacement Habitat, this area will help us understand these species through research and monitoring. The monitoring program is focused on confirming the three birds’ presence and understanding the types of forest areas each bird utilizes. Monitoring is accomplished using Acoustic Recording Units, remote wildlife cameras, breeding bird surveys, and vegetation assessment plots. To date, 52 species of birds, seven species of bats, 17 species of mammals, and one amphibian species have been observed.