Accounts Payable (AP) Onboarding Instructions

Accounts Payable (AP) Onboarding Instructions

Canadian Natural uses a third party application called “OpenInvoice” to handle electronic invoices. If you have an OpenInvoice account, you can submit your invoices electronically through this application. You can then track your invoice submission and see if it has been approved, disputed or paid. 

Our standard payment terms are net 45 days from the date the invoice is submitted sucessfully unless otherwise agreed upon within a contract. As OpenInvoice is our standard method of receiving invoices, submitting invoices by other means may delay payment.

1. Supplier Registration

Go to:  and select the "Join Now" tab and then click on "Join Now". An email will be sent to you shortly after completing registration to attend a web-based training session.

2. OpenInvoice Activation

OpenInvoice is enabled 2-3 days after registration. Email confirmation will be sent to a supplier confirming activation. If requested, Application Support assists suppliers with first invoice submission.

3. Canadian Natural Invoice submission standard

This document is intended for North American suppliers that provide materials and/or services to Canadian Natural and it includes the details that suppliers are required to complete for each invoice.

Electronic Deposit Instructions (EDI)

Canadian Natural makes payment by electronic deposit. To ensure there is no delay in payment, please complete the Electronic Payment and Remittance Information form as outlined in the EDI Process document.