Frontline-driven safety in action

Corporate Responsibility

Frontline-driven safety in action

At Canadian Natural, we foster a frontline-driven approach to safety culture, where everyone has the responsibility and the opportunity to make the workplace safer. Our frontline employees are active participants in the ongoing deployment of safety initiatives and their engagement is critical to achieving our goal of a safe workplace.

By embedding safety into our daily conversations and our working together philosophy, it helps keep safety at the forefront. The feedback we receive from frontline employees and contractors is improving our overall safety performance.

Every day, staff and contractors engage in Worksite Safety Observations (WSOs) — a hazard assessment program where worksite behaviors are observed and audited, including equipment and procedures related to process safety. WSOs promote positive discussions between frontline workers and service providers to assist in the successful completion of the task they are performing without incidents.

This program is a key element of our Safety Management System and our frontline-driven approach, as well as one of our most successful Safety Excellence initiatives. WSOs have continuously helped improve the safety of employees, service providers and contractors, driving corporate Total Recordable Injury Frequency (TRIF) to 0.43 in 2017 — the lowest recorded TRIF in company history. For more information on our WSO program and our safety performance, read our 2017 Stewardship Report to Stakeholders, and learn more about our work with contractors to improve safety at our worksites.

WSO with safety compliance coordinator and pipeline consultant during pipeline project in Estevan.