Unique collaboration to help end homelessness

Corporate Responsibility

Unique collaboration to help end homelessness

Canadian Natural donated $2 million toward the RESOLVE Campaign to find long-term solutions to homelessness. The RESOLVE Campaign is a partnership of nine Calgary social service agencies that came together with a single, one-time goal — to raise the capital needed to create affordable rental housing with support services on a sustainable basis for up to 3,000 homeless and vulnerable Calgarians who need it the most.

“Canadian Natural has a strong commitment to supporting the communities and organizations where we live and work,” said Tim McKay, President of Canadian Natural. “As a Calgary-based company, we are proud to be contributing to this unique collaboration between agencies, governments and businesses that will enhance the support and services provided to meet the needs of vulnerable Calgarians.”

RESOLVE was designed to help people with a high level of need for various reasons, including: chronic homelessness; mental and/or physical health challenges; mobility issues; addiction; transitioning back into the community from the justice system; as well as, women, families, seniors and youth.

“We are so thankful for the support from Canadian Natural. This gift has provided RESOLVE with a significant push forward,” said Cheryl Hamelin, Executive Director of the RESOLVE Campaign. “There are still thousands of Calgarians without a safe place to sleep at night and, together, we can make Calgary a better home for everyone. Thank you to Calgary’s companies and citizens who have followed the example of community leaders, like Canadian Natural, by stepping up to provide urgently needed support for RESOLVE and donating to the Campaign.”

Providing a roof for the homeless

To date, the Campaign has raised enough to provide 1,850 Calgarians with a stable home and resources needed to find a fresh start, and continues to strive for the goal of making a home a reality for many more vulnerable and homeless people.

In 2017, construction of a 160-unit facility started on land purchased from Silvera for Seniors facing Glenmore Trail at 45th Street SW. This facility will include a five-storey building for Horizon Housing Society. Silvera for Seniors is one of the RESOLVE Partners, working to address the challenges of a growing senior population that will also need affordable and supportive housing options. RESOLVE Partners include: Accessible Housing, Bishop O’Byrne Housing Association, Calgary Alpha House Society, Calgary Homeless Foundation, Calgary John Howard Society, Horizon Housing Society, Silvera for Seniors, The Mustard Seed and Trinity Place Foundation of Alberta. The provincial government, private and corporate donors have supported the Campaign.