Community Engagement at Stakeholder Gathering Pavilion

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Community Engagement at Stakeholder Gathering Pavilion

Our work with Aboriginal stakeholders at Horizon Lake (also known as Wãpan Sãkahikan in Cree) illustrates Canadian Natural’s ongoing commitment to build long-term relationships based on mutual respect and open dialogue. Horizon Lake has achieved many milestones throughout its development and another important one was reached in 2014. Construction of a pavilion structure was completed alongside the lake this summer, serving as a new and improved meeting place for Canadian Natural stakeholders and staff.

When Horizon Oil Sands was established, long term co-operation agreements were signed between Canadian Natural and Aboriginal groups in order to foster a relationship that supports the social, cultural, economic and environmental goals of the stakeholders. Our company committed to working with those groups to provide opportunity for the people to continue practicing their traditional ways of life. One of the focus areas to meet these commitments was the lands around Horizon Lake.

“Our consultations with Aboriginal stakeholders have covered everything from the design of the lake to the fish population and vegetation (including those of traditional importance) – it was only fitting that they also provided key input on the new gathering place structure,” says Bob Dunn, District Landman, Horizon.

Groups of Aboriginal stakeholders have been visiting the lake with Canadian Natural staff for the past several years to receive updates on its development and to stay informed on issues related to Horizon’s operations. The first Aboriginal stakeholder visit to the pavilion took place on September 9, 2014 when Fort McKay First Nation members were invited to the lake for the unveiling of a memorial in honour of two community members who passed away in recent years. Aboriginal stakeholder groups continue to enjoy the setting at Horizon Lake where project update meetings are held.

Left: A view from behind the pavilion during a recent stakeholder gathering with Horizon Lake in the background. Right: Aerial picture of the new pavilion and Horizon Lake.