Canadian Natural a major owner of carbon capture and storage technology

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Canadian Natural a major owner of carbon capture and storage technology

Canadian Natural is one of the largest oil and natural gas owners of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) capacity in the world, based on data from the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute. CCS is part of a larger, integrated strategy to continuously reduce GHGs, and our pathway to be below the global crude average emissions intensity.

We are taking waste carbon dioxide (CO2) from our operations, and using it as an input to improve performance and create value. This includes CO2 sequestration in tailings, geological sequestration (Quest Project) and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) techniques. Quest is a major CCS project in our portfolio, which has captured and safely stored more than two million tonnes of CO2 months before its two-year anniversary in November 2017, exceeding expectations.

5 things to know about Quest

1. Quest is located at the Scotford Upgrader (operated by Shell Canada).

2. Quest captures the CO2 produced during the hydrogen manufacturing process and pulls it into a stripping unit. There, the amine is separated and the CO2 is pressurized to turn the gas into a liquid.

3. The CO2 liquid is then transported by pipeline 65 kilometres north to wells to be injected more than two kilometres underground into a layer of rock filled with interconnected pores for safe storage.

4. Alberta has some of the best geology in the world for the safe and permanent storage of CO2. There are multiple layers of impermeable rock formations above the storage formation that will assure the CO2 remains securely contained. Through careful study and monitoring, the subsurface geology is proving ideal for long-term, safe storage of CO2.

5. Quest is important to Canadian Natural’s emissions reduction strategy.

To learn more about our GHG emissions reduction strategy, read our GHG Management section.

The Quest Carbon Capture and Storage facility.