Emergency Management

Corporate Responsibility

Emergency Management

Canadian Natural has a comprehensive corporate emergency management program, including Emergency Response Plans (ERP) in place to ensure that we are properly prepared for the safe and well-coordinated response to potential accidents and incidents. Our Corporate ERP, a key component of the program, is a guide for Canadian Natural personnel to direct and coordinate their responses in the event of an incident. Canadian Natural’s Corporate ERP can be accessed here.

Facility specific ERPs have been prepared for certain operating plants and batteries and these plans work in conjunction with the Corporate ERP. Our ERPs are reviewed annually to keep them current. Canadian Natural’s corporate emergency management program and plans ERP system meet the regulatory requirements in each jurisdiction where we operate. As per the National Energy Board (NEB Order MO-006-2016), the site specific plans for the following facilities can be accessed below. Portions of the documents are not available where there is personal information or information that can affect the security of the assets. Canadian Natural Resources Limited assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in this document or for direct, incidental or consequential losses or damages that may result from the external use or duplication of this material.

Continuous improvement of our emergency response processes reinforces our SMS programming and our commitment to the safety of our people and the public. We provide ongoing emergency response training that includes participation of Health and Safety, Production and Development Operations’ personnel, regulatory bodies and partners, to maintain an effective state of readiness for emergencies at all operating sites. For more details on our emergency response preparedness and training exercises read our 2015 Stewardship Report to Stakeholders.

Regional emergency response

Collaboration with our industry peers and emergency responders is a constant throughout our operations.

In our oil sands operations, our Emergency Response team provides full emergency response capability personnel 24 hours per day. Their services include: fire prevention, fire protection, medical and rescue response, water and ice rescue, industrial firefighting, aircraft rescue and firefighting standby, respiratory protection maintenance, gas detection maintenance, site safety and emergency training, medical center support, hazardous material spill response and communications. They also provide mutual aid obligations off-site to oil sands companies as well as emergency services on the 17 kilometers of Horizon highway.

Through the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo’s (RMWB) Mutual Aid Partnership, which lends assistance across jurisdictional boundaries when required. Annual exercises help enhance skills and ability to assist one another. Our Emergency Response team played an important role in fighting the RMWB fires in May 2016. Click here for more information on Canadian Natural’s response to the Fort McMurray fires.