Healthy People in Healthy Workplaces

Corporate Responsibility

Healthy People in Healthy Workplaces

We take great care in ensuring that our people have many opportunities to improve their health and wellness. Canadian Natural’s ‘Strive’ wellness program continues to demonstrate this commitment to employee health and the prevention of illness.

Participation in Strive generates financial rewards that can be used to pay for healthcare or wellness expenses not fully covered by the Canadian Natural benefits plan. The program is offered to all employees in our Canadian operations (corporate headquarters and field), and at our International offices in the UK and Africa.

Strive empowers employees to proactively manage and improve their health and wellness by developing healthy lifestyle behaviours that are sustainable, including: exercising, good nutrition and community-based activities like volunteering. The program offers health risk assessments and personal health screening clinics at our offices to provide health information to participants, reflect their progress or changes throughout the years and provide a baseline for new participants. Other components of the program include educational videos, monthly health topics and various health challenges throughout the year.

In addition to Strive, we provide specific education and carry out health promotion campaigns that relate to malaria, HIV/AIDS and Ebola for our employees working or visiting our operations in Africa.

Additional support available for our employees’ well-being includes:

  • care and rehabilitation of employees returning to work from an injury or illness;
  • an Employee and Family Assistance Program that provides confidential counselling;
  • a wellness office that provides nutrition and fitness counselling at our Calgary headquarters; and
  • a competitive benefits package. 

Read our 2019 Stewardship Report to Stakeholders for 2019 highlights of our wellness initiatives.

Canadian Natural employees are encouraged to stay active and develop healthy habits.