Key Public Safety Information

Corporate Responsibility

Key Public Safety Information

Safety and Environmental protection are core values at Canadian Natural. Our goal is to be proactive and prevent facility and equipment failures to protect people, the environment, and the integrity of our assets. Our teams work closely to ensure that if an incident — such as leak or spill — occurs, the consequence is minimized through our Emergency Response Management program.

Protecting the environment

At Canadian Natural, we follow government regulations and industry operating practices, including the protection of the land, air and water sources. In the unlikely event of a spill, Canadian Natural has an extensive in-house inventory of spill response supplies and equipment strategically located at key locations for accessibility. Read more about our spill response arrangements.

Activation of our Emergency Response Plan (ERPs) provides coordination and effective management of an incident by our trained personnel, while assistance from regional or national spill services provides long-term spill response recovery. Our ERPs provide contact information for additional resources to be mobilized to site. Our Incident Command System is applied to manage the spill response and clean up. Appropriate notifications are made as per our ERPs as regular communications with regulatory agencies and local authorities provide more effective and efficient response. To learn more about how we protect the environment, including water sources, from potential hydrocarbon releases read our Emergency Management Program section.

Procedures for the public in case of an emergency/incident

To protect people and the environment, Canadian Natural engages with all relevant stakeholders in proximity to our assets (pipelines, wells, facilities) to promote public awareness of our operations and, where necessary, ensure contact information is current. Public consultation programs are conducted to provide a Public Information Package (PIP) to stakeholders who are close to our assets and included in our ERPs. The PIP includes information on hazardous substance(s), associated risks, key company emergency numbers and contact information for local first responders, and municipal/jurisdictional provincial regulatory agencies. For residents within the ERPs, we also provide an area map and a brief description of Canadian Natural’s emergency response and public safety procedures, such as shelter-in-place and evacuation. A review of our plan is conducted annually, and residents within the ERP receive regular updates.

For people living adjacent or working in close proximity to pipelines, read more about working safely around pipelines to ensure your safety and the safety of others. 

If you have any questions or need to communicate with Canadian Natural about a potential emergency or incident, please read the Questions and Answers below:

“How can I inform Canadian Natural of an incident?”

If you see an out-of-the-ordinary situation near one of our sites, we encourage you to call our 24 hour emergency number 1-888-878-3700. This number is prominently displayed at all Canadian Natural facilities and pipelines, as well as readily available in our PIPs and other documents used for consultation purposes, as well as on our website.

“How am I notified in a Canadian Natural emergency?”

If there is an emergency that could affect your safety, you will be notified by telephone or personal visit and provided with information and guidance as determined by our assessment of the situation. The advice given to you will depend on your location in relation to the incident and may involve sheltering in place or evacuation.

If contact cannot be made by the above means, a thorough survey of the area will be conducted by authorized personnel to ensure that all persons are advised of the emergency situation.

If an incident has the potential to impact the public at large, e.g. large communities, we will work with local municipalities/urban centers to ensure public safety. In these situations, assistance may be available from these agencies in the form of emergency equipment, road closures, house-to-house checks, Emergency Public Announcement system, and/or in a worst case situation, a Declaration of a Local State of Emergency.

“How are municipal/provincial/federal agencies and first responders notified in an emergency?”

If an emergency has been identified and confirmed as being a Canadian Natural operations incident, we will contact the local municipalities, health authorities and the RCMP and/or local police to ensure a coordinated and informed emergency response effort. When necessary, we will request the assistance of other key responders such as medical personnel and/or fire fighters.

To ensure all stakeholders including applicable provincial and federal agencies are notified and kept abreast of the situation, assigned Information and Liaison Officers will provide updates at regular intervals during the course of the incident.

“What if I have questions during a Canadian Natural emergency?”

As in any emergency situation, we ask that our dedicated 24-hour emergency number be kept clear to continue to serve as our main crisis line. During the course of an emergency situation, information will be posted on Canadian Natural’s website, including updates and media releases. Additionally, depending on the severity of the incident, an information hotline may be set up and posted on the website or a local public communications centre may be established to respond to direct inquiries. If you have questions regarding a particular incident and are not a member of the media, please access our website or information hotline if applicable. Members of the media may contact our Investor Relations ( group with their inquiry.