Stewardship Report to Stakeholders

Corporate Responsibility

Stewardship Report to Stakeholders

Our Commitment to Responsible Operations

At Canadian Natural, we are proactive and accountable towards meeting our commitment to responsible operations. Our Stewardship Report to Stakeholders provides highlights of our approach to health and safety, asset integrity, environment and community stewardship, with priorities identified for coming years. As part of our mission statement, we are committed to "doing it right".

Governance and Stewardship

Canadian Natural’s Health, Safety and Environmental Committee (HSE) of the Board of Directors has regular meetings to discuss stewardship matters. The Directors in the HSE Committee oversee the company-wide efforts to support, manage and improve health, safety, integrity, environmental and social aspects of our operations. The HSE Committee reviews internal stewardship reports about objectives, performance and key performance indicators.

The Health and Safety, Asset Integrity, Environment and Community Investment groups report on a regular basis to Senior Management, who provide reports to the directors on the HSE Committee. Senior Management provides support to our teams so that they have adequate resources to support our programs, maintain documentation and conduct training to ensure that Canadian Natural’s staff at all levels are knowledgeable on critical procedures. Our teams work together with management and all operating areas to ensure safety, integrity and environmental stewardship are factored into our decision-making process.

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