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Health and Safety

Promoting Safety Excellence

Every year, we implement new initiatives to strengthen our Safety Management System. Continuous improvement in our performance can also be attributed to a high degree of co-operation with our contractors in meeting health and safety goals over the years.

The Total Recordable Injury Frequency (TRIF) is one of our main lagging indicators. We have demonstrated continuous improvement in safety performance over the past eight years in our North America Exploration and Production operations. The chart shows the downward trend from 1.84 in 2003 to 0.74 in 2011. These results include both employees and contractors. 

Promoting a Safe and Accident-Free Workplace

Safety is a core value at Canadian Natural and is paramount in all our activities. Our goal is No harm to people and No safety incidents. We conduct our operations in a way that will protect the health and safety of employees, contractors, the public and the environment.

Canadian Natural employees in their personal protective equipment on site.

Our commitment to safety starts at the top of our organization with Canadian Natural’s management leadership.

For better coordination and management of our processes, our Safety and Asset Integrity Department integrates occupational safety, asset integrity and process safety.

Our Safety Teams work with employees and contractors to identify hazards and develop safe work procedures. We believe everyone is responsible for their own and other peoples’ safety. We can all contribute to a safer work place by conducting our work in a safe manner and ensuring that the people we work with and the communities we operate in are safe.

Safety awareness and communications are crucial in maintaining our strong safety culture. Field employees and management training are part of our strategy to increase safety awareness and minimize risks and injuries.

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Healthy People in Healthy Workplaces

We take great care in ensuring that our people have many opportunities to improve their health and wellness. Canadian Natural’s wellness programs are based on a long term vision and they focus on:

  • helping employees identify health risks;
  • raising awareness around behavioural changes to improve health; and
  • promoting activities and initiatives that will have a positive impact on increasing healthy lifestyle behaviours.

Our health and wellness programs are comprised of year-long initiatives tailored to each particular location, from preventative health services at our field offices to having access to a registered dietitian and exercise physiologist in our head office. Our health promotion campaigns are based on health awareness, physical activity, healthy eating and the prevention of serious diseases.

In September 2012, Canadian Natural launched “Strive” - a new Wellness Program for employees in Calgary and our Field Operations. Strive will be rolled out to our International Operations before the end of 2013 and it will integrate our successful award-winning Healthy Working Lives Program at our onshore and offshore locations.

In 2012, CNR International received a Gold Award from the Healthy Working Lives Program supported by the National Health Service in Scotland. This award recognizes employers and employees who develop health promotion and safety programs in the workplace. This shows the sustained efforts of many people as we transitioned from our initial Bronze Award in 2010 and the Silver Award in 2011, to our current standing.