Corporate Responsibility


At Canadian Natural we balance our operational needs for water with the need to maintain the quality and quantity of this resource for future generations.  It is important that we continue to find ways to increase water use efficiency across all our business units

Our water management strategies focus on reducing fresh water use, increasing water recycling and, where possible, using non-potable brackish (saline) water instead of fresh water.  We plan and design our operations to minimize fresh water use, monitor and track water usage and disposal, as well as measure the amount of water recycled, processed and stored. 

In projects where groundwater is utilized, we monitor groundwater levels both locally (at source of production) and regionally.  Data collection and monitoring allow Canadian Natural to better manage and detect any deviations from standard groundwater quality or levels as well as help us understand any regional impacts our operations have on shallow groundwater.

Canadian Natural continues to work with regulators, government and in multi-stakeholder initiatives to ensure that we have the right programs in place to optimize water use.