Corporate Responsibility


Managing our Footprint

At Canadian Natural, when we begin a project we always have a vision and a plan for the landscape after our work is complete. We make it a priority to manage and minimize the environmental impact of our projects on the land, progressively reclaim our footprint and work with stakeholders to ensure their present and future needs are met.

Our land use planning allows for development through integrated land management, avoidance and mitigation planning. In our North America Exploration and Production operations we manage our environmental footprint by using minimal disturbance drilling techniques, such as multi-well pads, and by re-using former sites to avoid additional vegetation and topsoil removal.

Our long-term liability reduction plan prioritizes our work so we can take action well ahead of regulatory timelines. This program has proven to be a very effective way to coordinate our activities. It includes the abandonment and reclamation of inactive wells, the decommissioning of inactive facilities and the remediation of sites at operating facilities.