Corporate Responsibility


Valuing Environmental Protection

At Canadian Natural, we are committed to conducting our business in a way that embraces the key piece of our mission statement doing it right. Environmental protection is a fundamental value of our company and this is reflected in our approach to energy development.

Our goal is to develop resources in a sustainable and responsible way. We are committed to managing and minimizing the environmental impacts of our operations during all phases of our projects. To reach high standards of environmental performance and achieve regulatory compliance, we adhere to the principles of continuous improvement, efficient operations and technological innovation.

Environmental Excellence Initiative

Our Environment team works together with Management and all our operating divisions to ensure environmental stewardship is factored into our decision-making process. In 2010, we initiated an Environmental Excellence Program to enhance our environmental performance, improve communications and awareness and manage potential impacts to land, water and air. We are seeing positive and improved results across our operations.

Our Environmental Excellence Initiative focuses on working together by proactively managing our footprint, protecting biodiversity, using water efficiently, reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) and other air emissions and our liabilities. We foster a culture of environmental awareness where everyone has a vital role to play in identifying and mitigating environmental impacts from our operations. We emphasize environmental awareness through employee training, due diligence and communications on environmental priorities.