Working Together with Communities

Corporate Responsibility

Working Together with Communities

At Canadian Natural, we are committed to working together with the communities where we operate to build long-lasting positive relationships and identify opportunities for mutual benefit.

The projects we develop together promote both short and long-term economic growth for Canadian Natural and the communities where we operate. To this end, we aim to integrate community needs into project design and implementation by maintaining open communications with stakeholders.

Engaging our Stakeholders

Social responsibility is a fundamental aspect of our commitment to responsible operations and is part of our success and pride as a company. We value the relationships we have built with the communities near our operations. We have strategies and action plans in place to assist in strategic decisions, measure our work and support the priority needs identified by stakeholders in the areas of community investment, education and training, and business development.

Canadian Natural continually works to improve our consultation and communications efforts in order to maximize opportunities. When working with land owners, municipalities, interest groups and Aboriginal communities, we recognize each group has its unique culture and circumstances; and therefore, its own process preferences.

Canadian Natural approaches stakeholder engagement as an open, flexible and ongoing process. We communicate and consult with stakeholders in a variety of ways such as one-on-one meetings and open houses. To read about our 2014 highlights of stakeholder engagements and consultation see our 2014 Report to Stakeholders. Our Aboriginal Consultation approach is described in the Aboriginal Relations section.