Facilities Integrity

Corporate Responsibility

Facilities Integrity

To ensure asset integrity throughout the lifecycle of all our pressure equipment, we have developed and implemented a detailed Pressure Equipment Integrity Management System (PEIMS). This program is supported by Canadian Natural’s Management, Operations, Engineering, Asset Integrity and Safety groups.

The PEIMS Competency Based Training Program was developed to ensure all personnel and contractors involved with pressure equipment are properly trained. Each individual undergoes a rigorous competency assessment to ensure training and certification is focused on areas needed to perform their duties effectively and efficiently.

In keeping with our commitment to safety, all Asset Integrity personnel involved in the PEIMS program undergo certification and verification in support of the Alberta Safety Codes Act and regulations.

Managing Horizon Oil Sands Operations's Pressure Equipment

Canadian Natural maintains the PEIMS and Alberta Boilers Safety Association (ABSA) certification approval status which authorizes our North America Exploration and Production and Horizon Oil Sands operations to manage our pressure equipment program in-house.
Our Horizon facility is located in northeastern Alberta where temperatures can range from -40 to +40 degrees Celsius. These seasonal variations provide for challenging operating conditions and equipment must be continuously monitored to ensure operating integrity is maintained. Our Horizon PEIMS staff provides the following three key services:
• Asset Integrity Engineering – The group provides assessment of continuous monitoring of processes/data and inspection reports to determine if changes are required to operating processes or equipment design.
• Non-destructive Examination (NDE) – Our certified internal NDE technicians identify effective techniques to assess and monitor degradation locations, support plant integrity and maintenance activities.
• In-service Inspection – Comprised of certified staff, the team performs routine in-service visual examinations of equipment to determine equipment condition.

The Horizon PEIMS team structure mirrors other Canadian Natural operations, to provide consistency in function, structure, processes and reporting.