Asset Integrity

Corporate Responsibility

Asset Integrity

At Canadian Natural we conduct our operations in a manner that will evaluate, prevent and mitigate impacts to the integrity of our assets to ensure safe, efficient and effective operations. In 2011, we established the Safety and Integrity Management Committee, comprised of Management Committee members and Senior Vice Presidents. Its mandate is to provide governance of our programs. The Committee meets regularly to ensure systems are robust, adequately resourced and maintained consistently across all operating divisions.

Canadian Natural focuses on the integrity of our process equipment and structures across all of our operations as an integral part of ensuring safety company-wide. Maintaining the integrity of our process equipment means preventing and minimizing spills, and loss of pressure containment.

Asset Integrity programs are developed by specialized and highly qualified teams that conduct proactive, technical reviews of our equipment and how it is operated. Proactive strategies such as regular inspections and preventive mitigation are fundamental in maintaining reliable process equipment.

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