Process Safety/Asset Integrity

Corporate Responsibility

Process Safety/Asset Integrity

Canadian Natural’s Asset Integrity Management System is in place to ensure the safety, compliance and reliability of our pipelines, pressure equipment, tanks, and infrastructure. We own and operate one of the largest inventories of upstream process equipment within Canada; additionally, Canadian Natural Resources International (CNRI) has facilities located in the United Kingdom (UK) sector of the North Sea and Offshore Africa.

We focus on the integrity of our process equipment and structures across all of our operations as an integral part of ensuring safety company-wide. Maintaining the integrity of our process equipment means preventing and minimizing spills, and loss of pressure containment. We manage our operations in a manner that will evaluate, prevent and mitigate impacts to the integrity of our assets to ensure safe, effective and efficient operations. 

Asset Integrity programs are developed by specialized and highly qualified teams that conduct proactive, technical reviews of our equipment and how it is operated. We proactively implement programs to help ensure worker safety and reduce environmental incidents by minimizing the exposure to risks. We complete risk-based evaluations and inspections, and implement appropriate monitoring and mitigation strategies to protect people, the environment, and the integrity of our assets.

Process Safety Management

Canadian Natural’s Process Safety Management (PSM) framework provides an integrated and systematic approach to assuring the integrity of our operations. PSM is a management system that focuses on the prevention of unplanned hydrocarbon releases. The release of hydrocarbons can present a potential risk to personnel, the environment and the facilities we operate.

In 2014, our integrated and collaborative approach focusing on asset integrity delivered improvements in Horizon’s plant reliability. All groups involved (Operations, Maintenance and Engineering units) worked together to implement proactive prevention and mitigation measures.

In our UK operations, our PSM efforts continue to focus on Incident Investigation, Management of Change (MOC) and the Aging and Life Extension (ALE) program. The ALE framework was developed to monitor the integrity of our offshore installations and comply with regulatory requirements of the UK Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) regulatory body.

Our spill volume in our CNRI operations has been reduced by 85% compared to 2013, following a downward trend since 2010, and remaining within regulatory limits. We continue to focus our efforts in 2015 to improve our performance through key elements of our PSM system, including competency, hazard identification, incident investigation, MOC and technical audits.

Learn more about our PSM initiatives in our 2014 Report to Stakeholders.