N. Murray Edwards*
Chairman of the Board
Steve W. Laut*
Tim S. McKay*
Chief Operating Officer
Douglas A. Proll*
Executive Vice-President
Lyle G. Stevens*
Executive Vice-President, 
Canadian Conventional 
Corey B. Bieber*
Chief Financial Officer &
Senior Vice-President, Finance
Mary-Jo E. Case*
Senior Vice-President, Land & Human Resources 
Réal M. Cusson*
Senior Vice-President, Marketing
Randall S. Davis*
Vice-President, Finance & Accounting
Réal J.H. Doucet*
Senior Vice-President, Horizon Projects
Darren M. Fichter* 
Senior Vice-President, Exploitation
Peter J. Janson*
Senior Vice-President, Horizon Operations
Terry J. Jocksch*
Senior Vice-President, Thermal
Ron K. Laing*
Vice-President, Commercial Operations
Paul M. Mendes*
Vice-President, Legal & General Counsel 
Bill R. Peterson*
Senior Vice-President, Production, Development Operations
Ken W. Stagg*
Senior Vice-President, Exploration
Scott G. Stauth*
Senior Vice-President,
North America Operations 
Jeffrey J. Bergeson
Vice-President, Exploitation, West
Bryan Bradley 
Vice-President, Marketing
Trevor J. Cassidy 
Vice-President, Production, Central
Mike Catley
Vice-President, Thermal & East Conventional Field Operations
William R. Clapperton
Vice-President, Regulatory, Stakeholder & Environmental Affairs
James F. Corson
Vice-President, Human Resources  
Allan E. Frankiw
Vice-President, Production, East
Jay E. Froc 
Vice-President, Infrastructure Logisitics & Project Controls
Douglas A.C. Gardner 
Vice-President, Exploration, Central
Dean W. Halewich
Vice-President, Facilities & Pipelines
Murray G. Harris 
Vice-President, Financial Controller & Horizon Accounting

 David B. Holt 
Vice-President, Production, West
John A. Howard 
Vice-President, Thermal Production, Primrose 
Gerard Iannatone
Vice-President, Thermal Exploitation, Athabasca
Pamela A. Jones 
Vice-President, Safety & Asset Integrity
Philip A. Keele
Vice-President, Mining
Kevin Kowbel 
Vice-President, Drilling & Completions
Dan Krentz
Vice-President, Exploration, West 
Casey D. McWhan
Vice-President, Bitumen Production 
León Miura
Vice-President, Horizon, Downstream Projects
Stephen Olson
Vice-President, Finance, E&P Accounting 
S. John Parr
Vice-President, Thermal Projects 
David A. Payne
Vice-President, Exploitation, Central
David W. Reed
Vice-President, Horizon, Upgrading & Utilities
Andrew Richardson 
Vice-President, Thermal Production, Athabasca
Joy P. Romero
Vice-President, Technology Development
Sheldon L. Schroeder
Vice-President, Horizon, Upstream Projects
Steve C. Suche,
Vice-President, Information & Corporate Services
Domenic Torriero
Vice-President, Exploration, East
Greg Ulrich
Vice-President, Conventional, West Field Operations 
Grant M. Williams
Vice-President, Thermal Exploration
Betty Yee
Vice-President, Land
Daryl G. Youck
Vice-President, Thermal Exploitation, Primrose 
Robin Zabek 
Vice-President, Exploitation, East
Bruce E. McGrath
Corporate Secretary

International Office

CNR International (U.K.) Limited

James A. Edens
Vice-President & Managing Director
W. David R. Bell
Vice-President, Exploration, International
Barry Duncan
Vice-President, Finance, International

Andrew M. McBoyle
          Vice-President, Exploitation  

 David B. Whitehouse
          Vice-President, Production
          Operations, International


*Management Committee